The Ice Age Giants
Exhibition of realistic models and skeletons

GIGANTI, spol. s r.o. was established as a specialized company for the production and commercialization of the most realistic life-size models of animals from the Ice Age. At the beginning of its creation were efforts to connect the artists who create such models with scientists – palaeontologists, who ensure the professional quality of the work. The result of this collaboration are models that excel in their reality. In order to ensure truly high quality, we approached studio specialists who have experience with the high demands of international television crews and who carry out work at a sufficiently high level. The palaeontological expertise was provided by RNDr. Martin Mazuch Ph.D. from the famous
palaeontological department of the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague. At present, the company has more than thirty realistic historical models and their number is increasing every year.

Giganti doby ledové
Giganti doby ledové

The Ice Age Giants
Černá v Pošumaví LIPNO


Come and see what Yeti really looked like. Take the exhibition as a chance to set off into the 10 thousand years ancient past. Meet the then largest and most interesting inhabitants of our planet. 18 extinct creatures of the Ice Age and from around the world, as well as newly created 4 skeletons in line with the latest scientific knowledge will introduce themselves in their entire beauty and size. The exhibition gives a unique opportunity to take a close look at the animals, to realize their overwhelming stature and to become familiar with their appearance and way of life alike.


Opening hours: daily

Contact / Reservation:
Phone:(+420) 725 433 481

Entrance fees:
adults 150 CZK / 6€
children, students,
pensioners 90 CZK /4€
family (2+2 or 3+1) 350 CZK
(adults + children)